Made in House

Lauren Rost

Hey y’all! Just wanted to let any newcomers know that majority of the products we carry are made in house! I design fabric, have it printed and then sew up the clothes myself! We also screen print and do sublimation tees, sweatshirts, gift items etc. So if you’re ever looking for an item and are needing an additional size or are sad your fav has sold out please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask about it! We restock as fast as we can while also creating and stocking fresh new items so sometimes we can get you what you need much faster if you get an order in for it as opposed to waiting for it to restock. We are active on Facebook and have a contact email here on the site that we talk to customers all day long on so don’t be nervous, we love to work with you one on one! I will also be continuing to work on the website to make it more user friendly and get some options listed to order preorder/made to order to also help things run more smoothly. Thank you so much and happy shopping!